Sunday, September 1, 2013

Test platform for Pump Controller – Platform development

In this study a test platform was created to be able to test, evaluate and compare different pump controllers in a dry environment. The platform consists of a simulated pump station to which optional pump controllers can be connected, i.e. a Hardware-In-The-Loop system.

The largest benefits from such a platform are flexibility, rapid feedback along with the possibility to recreate the exact same conditions for different pump controllers.

The test platform was implemented in LabVIEW on a PC that communicated with the pump control hardware through an I/O-card for analog and digital signals.

The system is configured by setting parameters for pumps, sump, inflow, pipe system etc. The flows, energies and temperatures are simulated based on the input values and the control signals from the pump controller. The sump level and other signals needed by the controller are fed back from the simulation. There is also the possibility to affect the system by applying for example a pump failure or a clogging.

Three different test runs with different pump controllers were performed. The test runs indicate that both the simulation models and the I/O-communication work. The concept of testing pump control hardware against a software simulation is a rapid, simple and cost efficient procedure.

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