Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Electrical Engineering Job Aspects

Electrical engineering is concerned with research, design, development, manufacture, installation, operation, maintenance and management of equipment, plant and systems within the electrical, electronic, communication and computer systems areas. These activities can apply to electricity generation, transmission, distribution, electrical installations in buildings and on industrial sites, electrical equipment manufacture, instrumentation and control systems applications in industry, communications networks, electronic plant and equipment, and also the integration and control of computer systems.

Why to opt for Electrical engineering? 
  • It's easy to get your first job - Access to Jobs
  • You can work in another country - Universal Appeal
  • Students can be extended to employment
  • You gain a wide range of knowledge during your studies – Variety and diversity
  • New stuff gets out all the time , it never gets boring – A practical Field
  • Exercise your creativity and gain practical skills.
  • Electrical engineers will earn the highest salaries in the field – Highly paid.
  • There are several specialty fields within Electrical Engineering, including Automatic Controls, Digital Systems (Computer Systems), Electromagnetics, Electronics, Electrical Power and Communication and Signal Processing.

Job Industries:

  • Expanding satellite communications for mobile telephone users (telecommunications)
  • Developing electronics and power equipment for aircraft and spacecraft (aerospace)
  • Designing life support systems (bioengineering)
  • Designing and evaluating manufacturing techniques (manufacturing)
  • Developing new amusement park rides (service industry)
  • Teaching college or university courses related to electrical and electronics engineering (academic and research)

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