Sunday, September 15, 2013

Automation of Cars using Embedded Systems Technology

In the Automation of Cars system we have a receiver and it receives the signals from the transmitter. We can use microprocessor based design or a microcontroller based design depending on the requirement. We can use a finger scanner for locking the car and a navigator can be placed in the car which gives the location of the car and we can get the direction to the destination by using GPS technology.

Air bags can be set in cars which work on embedded technology and safe the people in the car when accidents occur. We can use a break monitoring system which gives us the information when any disturbances occur in the break system. We can use a sensor based system in the car which automatically reduces the speed of the car or applies breaks when an obstacle is found during the night time.

Embedded Systems Introduction:
The technical developments advancements have brought various changes in all the fields. The development in embedded technology led to development of various intelligence systems. The advancements in embedded systems have brought a lot of changes in the automation systems. To reduce the frequent occurrence due to the failure of the breaks or due to reduction in light intensities in night time we need automation systems which can be developed by embedded technology.

Future Enhancements:
The automated cars have a lot of advantages and help the drivers for a smooth ride and it always monitors the vehicle by which the chance of occurrence of accidents gets decreased. The Google Company is designing a automated car which can go without the driver as it is driven automatically and it is in attesting stage and it will come into use within a few years.

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