Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Axial Force Sensor for a Semi-Autonomous Snake Robot

Electronics and Telecommunication project mainly explained about how the semi autonomous snake robot uses the Axial Force sensor. By using this technology we can control the difficulty places in industry. And the snake robot mainly uses the sensors. There use the four sensors in four sides and also use the microcontroller for the purpose of  controlling the robot. In this technology we used sensors whenever the temperature increases in the industry then automatically sensor give the signal to the microcontroller the microcontroller then automatically active the robot and we can avoid the problems in industry. Normally the robots cannot access the data easily but by using the mobile robots in that we used the sensors and microcontroller these are worked with wireless communication. The mobile robot use the 3D technology to find the location, in 3D it uses 3D sensor.

Snake Robot Features and Advantages:
Snake robot is the robot and it consist of many joints and these snake robots are free to move anywhere .this robots can roll, extension and pitch. Firstly implemented the joints close to each other all this become universal joint. This technique is not suitable for all projects; next technology is the joints are made based on angles. This technique is called DOF. Here first take a sphere and next cutting in to half then the two directions can be found, if we rotate that sphere then another two directions also covered. This DOF technique is implemented in the snake robots. this project mainly used in industries.

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