Thursday, September 5, 2013

Electrical Engineers in India vs US

Electrical Engineering Job is quite fascinating for the people who loves to work with electricity, circuit boards and wires .They Design from digital meter on your Car Dashboard to the control circuits in new Age Robots they also write hard coded programs inside the chips by so call embedded software’s .In other words they work on almost every gadget with which we interact on daily basis.

Now let’s take a look at what it takes to be an electrical engineer in United States. As a basic rule you should enjoy science and mathematics with an eye for detail as to how stuff works.
It takes an around five years - after 10+2 years of high school - to complete the requirements for a B.Sc in electrical engineering. This is equivalent to around 120-128 credit hours. Candidates normally take   five courses (Around 12-16 credit hours) for eight to ten semesters, with two semesters in a year. There are many variations on these study programs for example; a 3-2 dual-degree program can lead to 2 degrees, one in The EE and the other  being in physics, in a total of five year respectively.

Talking about job wise According to Graduating Engineer magazine, job opportunities for new engineers are projected to be four percent greater for the year 2013, with starting pay averaging $40,000 a year.

Now let’s talk about the same profession and Job aspects in India. Profession wise there is very less or almost no difference in what Electrical Engineer do in United states on in India .The minute difference may be because US is well developed nation with most works done with machine rather than labor intensive otherwise it’s all the same .When we talk about earning a B.Sc. degree, for electrical engineer its same .A candidate should  have completed his 10+2 schooling with Physics and Mathematics as majors .There are around thousands of  engineering colleges in India which includes world renowned IIT as well .Now let’s talk about job opportunities for an Electrical engineer in India . Electrical engineers hold just around 10 percent of all engineering jobs. However  while the (BLS)Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 11% increase in engineering jobs between 2006 -2016, the specialty of electrical engineering is expected to grow by just percentage . High demand for wireless systems and power generators will boost job prospects in future for sure.

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  1. Indeed worth article to read!!
    Engineering on a whole is itself a best choice to choose as a career electrical engineering alone a career is really lucrative!! All the Engineering jobs are in the blooming zone as nowadays.Electrical Engineers have the responsibility of designing, developing and maintaining the electricity based or controlled systems/devices which should fit within the specified criteria of the required given specifications while maintaining the cost efficiency in such a way that it is affordable for all!
    There is a myth about the deficiency of electrical engineers jobs! But the real scenario is that, people are not aware much about the right platforms to find the suitable jobs according to their profile!!
    Otherwise there is lot of opportunities in Pune, Delhi,Chennai,Bangalore, Hyderabad and all the other cities.
    Good luck to all the engineering students who are seeking jobs!