Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Micro-controller based power theft detection

Science and technology with all its miraculous advancements has fascinated human life to a great extent that imagining a world without these innovations is hardly possible. While technology is on the raising slope, we should also note the increasing immoral activities. With a technical view, “Power Theft” is a non-ignorable crime that is highly prevalent, and at the same time it directly affects the economy of a nation.

Detecting and eradicating such crimes with the assistance of the developing scientific field is the “Need of the Hour”. With these views was this paper conceived and designed. Our paper provides a complete and comprehensive tool to prevent power theft which is very simple to understand and easy to implement.It includes four sections – transmitting, receiving, counter display and processing sections.

The disc revolutions are sensed into pulses by optical slot sensor.These pulses are shaped and given as control signal to the CMOS switch which bypasses carrier wave generated by PLL provides as input to receiving section where transmitted signal is selected by the Intermediate frequency transformer. For each lock a pulse is sent out. The counter section is designed to send out pulse for every six input pulse from the receiver section. This count is parallely distributed in a 7-segment display and then to μc for further processing. μc performs the function of indication and identification.

We believe our implementation ideas is a boon to the electricity board offering them a chance to detect accurately the location and amount of power theft. Logical view for a digital meter is also included in our presentation.

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