Thursday, April 19, 2012

Modern Innovations In Electric Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor heating may sound a new innovative advancement but in reality, this system was discovered back in the ancient times by the Romans. This concept has been followed and modified to give rise to new equipment that is called electrical under-floor heating system.

With the help of this incredible mechanism, we can keep our homes warm and cosy. You must be wondering about the sky-high prices but this is not the case because now every household can conveniently afford this latest equipment. The system operates effectively by heating the floors of the entire home and once the floor is heated, the rest of the house automatically gets warmer too.

Electric underfloor heating systems operate in the simplest ways. I would suggest that you fix electric underfloor heating system when your house is being constructed in order to evade all the hassles associated with the installation, once the house is constructed.

All you have to do is to lay down a set of hollow metal tubes on the ground. On top of the metal tubes, an extra layer of flooring will be laid down, which is the final flooring of your entire house. The metal pipes are connected to electrical switches via wire and plug.

As soon as you will switch on the electrical socket, the power will run through the metal tubes and produce heat. This production of heat warms up the upper floor which in turn gives the entire house a comfortable and cosy feel.

Electric underfloor heating systems are extremely cost efficient and can be effectively used during the winter season, when there is a cold draft chilling everything. The whole mechanism consumes very little electricity thus saving great deal of money in electricity bills. Moreover, the system traps the heat between the pipe and the ground and as a result, the floor retains its warmth for a longer period of time even after being switched off.

By now, you might be eager to delve into further information regarding this amazing equipment. Let me tell you, electric under-floor heating not only lowers down the electricity bills but with the help of proper heating insulation, your savings can be increased further.

If you place a thick layer of good insulating material between the metal pipes and the floor then the heat can be greatly prevented from escaping back into the ground. This helps to keep the floor warmer for longer time periods and you will not have to run the system throughout the night.


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