Thursday, April 19, 2012

Electric Fishing Reel Maintenance

The invention of the electric fishing reel was one of the greatest innovations in fishing. It has leveled the playing field so that anyone wanting to fish no matter their size, gender, skill, or age can fish anywhere and for anything they want. You can still experience the thrill of the catch without having to manually turn the crank. You still need to understand the nuances of fishing in general and the type of fishing you are trying to catch. But, it is a lot easier and a lot more fun with an electric fishing reel.

The electric fishing reel has been one of the greatest inventions in modern hobby and sport fishing. They are fantastic for fisherman of all levels and ages. They are liberating and allow fishing for types of fish that some would not normally pursue. But, you have to keep those reels clean and in shape or they will malfunction, or outright break. Maintaining electric reels is a simple prospect and does not differ much from maintaining a normal reel. Follow these simple eight steps and you will be able to maintain your electric reel in pristine condition, so it can be used for years to come.

1. Make sure you are always using the correct voltage to power the reel. Some reels can be powered by either a cord or a battery make sure you use the type outlined in the manufacturers annual.

2. After you are through with an electric reel, same as with a spinner reel, you should wash it thoroughly with light soapy water solution. The electrical parts are sealed so you should not have to worry about getting them wet. Your goal is to remove salt, dirt and other grim that may have accumulated during use. You should not use harsh chemicals; such as, gasoline, kerosene, benzene as these chemicals may break down the resin on the reel.

3. With most models it is unnecessary to clean the housing that holds the electrical parts. In fact it is suggested that the housing not be opened to reduce the possibility of damaging the gaskets that seal and protect the electrical parts.

4. The level winder mechanism need frequent lubrication with either silicone grease or vegetable grease. This helps keep winding of the fishing line smooth. It also helps avoid bunching and tangling of the line caused by the line catching as it is being wound.

5. Special care should be taken when storing your electric reel. It should be stored with the lever pooled back so the spool is free. The helps protect against the clutch plate from locking after being stored for a long period of time. A locked or stiff clutch plate will be difficult to loosen and spool later.

6. Special care should be taken of the plug, plug sockets, and clips and batteries. You should clean and dry thoroughly. then apply silicone grease or vegetable grease to the plug to keep corrosion down. It is essential that you follow manufacturer directions for these items.

7. regular maintenance of the reel is essential to its proper operation. One thing you should remember to do is to apply either silicone grease or vegetable grease to the gears inside of the spool and other parts. Using grease other than silicone grease or vegetable grease could cause cracks in the resin.

8. If the reel needs to be overhauled use a trained professional. There are special gaskets inside the reel that protect the electrical parts and damaging these gaskets could reduce the expected life of the reel.

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