Thursday, April 12, 2012

Electronic Mouse Trap | Finding the best Electric Mouse Traps

Are you thinking of purchasing an electronic mouse trap? Then you’re definitely making a good decision! An electric mouse trap is just about the most effective multi kill method of getting rid of pesky rats. In fact, an electronic mouse trap is easily worth several times the cost as its capable of terminating rodents quickly and efficiently.

There are a number of important things that you should consider before purchasing an electric mouse trap. By paying attention to the following issues, you’ll ensure that the electronic mouse trap you buy does a great job in eliminating your home of pesky rats and mice.

Positive Aspects of Electric Mouse traps

  • The electronic mouse trap is enclosed. The electrodes inside the electronic mouse trap are placed deep inside the unit. This helps to prevents your child from being accidentally zapped by the trap. It also means that it is a little safer to place the trap anywhere that’s accessible by your pets. You should still use caution as I have read stories of animals as large as skunks being shocked by electronic mouse traps.
  • Electric Mouse Traps run on batteris. For the trap to work efficiently, it doesn’t need to be plugged in. You simply need to use 4 AA batteries. The batteries also are effective for more than one use and you can trap several rodents on a single set of batteries.
  • An Electronic mouse trap is Humane . The electric mouse trap shoots several volts of electricity through the mouse which kills it instantly. This is a humane way of eliminating the rat. The mouse will not suffer from a broken back or be poisoned.
  • Easy disposal of Rodents with Electric mouse traps. The electronic mouse trap results in a quick death for the rodent. You can easily dispose of the dead rat by emptying the trap into the garbage bin. Simply re-set the trap with fresh bait for multi kill advanced mouse control.

    Things to watch out for with Electronic Mouse traps

  • Too much bait de-activates the electric mouse traps. Peanut butter is the most common mouse trap bait. However, too much of it will result in the peanut butter falling on the metal plates. When this happens, the plates are de-activated. A mouse that wanders into the electronic mouse trap can then feast on the bait without getting electrocuted.
  • Check the electronic mouse trap regularly. A red light comes on after a mouse has been caught in the electric mouse traps. In some traps it however goes off after 24 hours so as not to scare away other mice. If you fail to check the trap during this time, you’ll miss the dead rodent. The pest may rot and stick to the metal plates, causing a stench that could stink up your house. This could be an issue as you could damage the trap and to dispose of the entire electronicc mouse trap.

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