Thursday, April 12, 2012

Exceptional Features Of An Electric Wheelchair

The growth of science and technology has led to many inventions which has benefited man in numerous ways. One such invention is the electric wheelchair. With innumerable functions, the power wheelchair, as it is often called, has been a major breakthrough in the history of mankind.

The Much Awaited Electric Wheelchair

The electric wheelchair has proved to be a great boon to people who find it difficult to move around independently. It is also of immense help to elderly people and those suffering from injuries. However, these power wheelchairs are available in many varieties.

There are wheelchairs for adults as well as children. There are also front wheel driven, four wheel driven, foldable and portable varieties of wheelchairs. Some of these wheelchairs can be used on rough roads too. The electric wheelchair provides comfort, mobility and safety to elderly people. It saves them from the danger of falling while moving around. People can easily perform their day to day activities with the help of these wheelchairs which would have been quite impossible otherwise.

Using a manual wheelchair can be an overwhelming task for elders and injured people where as an electric wheelchair is extremely beneficial. The power wheelchairs are operated with joysticks which control the entire functions of the wheelchairs. These functions may include seat reclining, tilting and many more. Depending on the disabilities, there are various wheelchairs with specific functions suited for each need.

Choosing the Right Type of Electric Wheelchair

As there are several types of power wheelchairs it is quite important to know which one to choose. There are power wheelchairs which are front wheel driven as well as rear wheel driven. The front wheel driven wheelchairs are quite flexible and can be used for moving around in homes whereas the rear wheel driven wheelchairs are very powerful and more useful outside your home. It is apt for shopping, travelling and even while working.

There are power wheelchairs which are designed specially for disabled children. Earlier the paraplegics and children affected by polio found it extremely difficult to use ordinary wheelchairs but now the power wheelchairs have changed their lives for the better. You can choose an electric wheelchair according to the age of the person.

With the widespread use of power wheelchairs, you can easily obtain these wheelchairs from the electric wheelchair manufacturers listed in the online directories. Since there are quite a large number of manufacturers, the service and maintenance of these power wheelchairs are quite efficient and reliable.

One of the greatest advantages of the power wheelchairs is that it can be easily folded or dissembled. With the advent of these wheelchairs, travelling by buses, trains and cars have become much easier for handicapped and disabled people. These wheelchairs are powered electrically by a set of batteries which can be charged.

The electric wheelchair is designed to provide comfort to people who find it difficult to perform simple day to day activities. Since there are different wheelchairs with different functions and uses it is quite important to choose the correct one that serves your purpose.

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