Sunday, October 13, 2013

Scroll a Message On LCD Display

The aim of this project is to scroll a message on  LCD display from a PC or a key board.  This scrolling message board is not a simple  message box. Instead of showing a static text,It scrolls the text to maximize visitors attention.Generally a situation may come where we need to display message from our keyboard on to LCD directly and it is achieved by making an interface from pc to an LED using “ARM processor”. ARM is abbreviated as ADVANCED RISC MACHINE .

  • Switch on the power supply to the transmitter section after making necessary connections. A 230V/50Hz ac is stepped down to 12V/50Hz ac.tis is voltage is fed to a bridge rectifier an filter circuit.
  • The output of filter circuit is fed to IC7812&IC7805  ,the output of 7805 inturn is connected to ARM controller module which works with +5v dc supply.
  • The o/p from pc is given to the i/p of the MAX232,the power supply is given to the pin no 16(Vcc)  & pin no 15(GND),
  • The o/p from the pc is applied to the i/p of the MAX 232 at the pin no 13(RIN)&14(TXOUT).The o/p from the MAX 232 is obtained at the  pin no’s 11(T1IN),12(R1OUT),10(T2IN),9(R2OUT).
  • The o/p from the MAX232 is given as the  i/p to the ARM controller.
  • The power supply to  ARM controller is given to the Vcc at the pin no’s (7,23,43,51) & GND at the pin no’s(6,25,42,50).The o/p from the MAX 232  has been given to the P0.0 –TXD0(pin no 19),P0.1-RXD0(pin no 21),P0.8-TXD1(pin no 33),P0.9-RXD1(pin no 34).The crystal oscillator is connected to the pin no 3 (RTCXTL1)&pin no 5 (RTCXTL2) to the ARM controller.
  • The  o/p of the ARM controller is applied to LCD.
  • The power supply is given to the pin no 2 to Vcc and 1 to GND,the o/p from the ARM  controller is  applied to i/p of the lcd pin no’s from 4 to 14 .Pin no 4 is connected to pin no 37  (P0.11-CTS1/CAP1.1/SCL1),pin no 5 is connected to pin no 38(P0.12-DSR1/MAT 1.0/AD 1.3) ,pin no 6 is connected to pin no 39(P0.13-DTR1/MAT 1.1/AD 1.4),pin no 7 is connected to  pin 16(P1.16-TRACEPKT0), pin no 8 is connected to  pin 12(P1.17-TRACEPKT1), pin no 9 is connected to  pin 8 (P1.18-TRACEPKT2), pin no 10 is connected to  pin 4(P1.19-TRACEPKT3), pin no 11 is connected to  pin 48(P1.20-TRACESYNC), pin no 12 is connected to  pin 44(P1.21-PIPESTAT0), pin no 13 is connected to  pin 40(P1.22-PIPESTAT1), pin no 14 is connected to  pin 36(P1.23-PIPESTAT2).
  • Finally the o/p is display on the LCD screen.

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