Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pre Paid Energy Meter With Microcontroller Programming

In this project we show that how we interface the digital energy meter to the easy recharge unit and convert this meter into prepaid energy meter. By using this technique we show that how we convert all meter with the prepaid logic. When any concept is prepaid then there is a security of misuse of electricity uses. Normally in every postpaid connection bill is much higher then the prepaid. 

When there is postpaid, no body want t take care of the wastage, but at the end of month when bill is present then bill is paid by the house incharge, small workers in the office, employees in the school, in all the private and govt office no body want to take care of the wastage. So we add some innovative idea to avoid and save this valuable energy for every one.

In this project we use one LCD screen. LCD screen display the balance amount every time, LCD screen not only show the balance amount but at the same time lcd display the unit consumption. When the balance is zero then output is off. Now for continue the voltage we must need to recharge the unit from the mobile phone.

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