Saturday, October 12, 2013


To be able to understand and implement the construction of a PV system with control scheme using simulink in mat lab. To know how the different blocks that make up the PV system can be constructed separately and connected together to make a complete PV system.

To understand how simulink tool boxes can be used in implementing a dc to dc converter that is used to control a PV system shows a boost converter  model made up of an input Dc source, an inductor at the input to keep the current steady and reduce current ripples, a Mosfet switch, a capacitor at the output to keep the voltage steady and reduce voltage ripples and  a  resistive load .

above shows the PWM generator that has been created by a combination of various function blocks. The PWM is made up a of a pulse generator for input pulses of amplitude 2. In other to get desired amplitude of 1 and -1 for the pulse with to be generated, a constant block is added and together with pulse generator fed into the input of a subtractor. The output from the subtractor is amplified by a gain of 50e-6 and this is fed into an integrator to obtain a triangular waveform. The triangular waveform at the output of the integrator is compared to a constant duty ratio of 0.5. The results of the comparison is square wave which is positive when the triangular wave is less than the duty ratio an negative when the triangular wave is greater than the constant duty ratio.


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