Friday, February 8, 2013

Solar Power Generation

Solar power is an effective way to produce electrical energy. Solar power plants are less in India compared to other countries. It is useful in remote areas and hilly areas. Solar energy is a good option for most of the villages that are situated away from power grid. Solar energy is also can be produce domestically. Domestic production of electrical energy is very beneficial for an un-electrified house. A centralized generation of solar energy is possible by a solar plant. And plant needs solar modules, battery, and inverter and charge controller. Electric current from solar modules is stored in charge controller, and by using battery and inverter alternate current is generated. Initial cost for all these components is high.
Solar collectors which are usually placed on building roofs are specially designed to collect heat from sun. They are designed with large boxes that painted black and covered with glass. The black color is used due to its high heat absorbing capacity. Pipes inside the box contain water-alcohol mixture which helps to transfer the absorbed heat in the box for different purposes. And also this liquid mixture avoid freezing.
In solar power plants, energy from sun is converted into electricity in a vast scale. A solar power plant generally consists of solar towers. A receiver is placed on a central top tower and the heat energy is received from thousands of solar panels in the field. As in the domestic solar box, the receiver contains fluid that collects heat from sun. Then the liquid is stored in a hot storage tank. This hot liquid is then pumped to steam generator. Steam generated is used to drive a generator which produces electricity. Solar tower power plants are capable to produce electrical energy in the range of Megawatt.
Solar energy can be also generated by solar dishes. A number of mirrors are made in the form of a dish and the mirrors helps to focus sun rays on a receiver placed at the top projecting point of dish. The energy collected by the receiver is given to a kinematic engine which generates electrical energy. Since the receiver is small in size, the solar dishes are capable to produce energy at high temperature also. Solar dishes are very cost effective and can produce more electricity than that get from other solar panel arrangements.   And the solar dishes are used for producing energy in the range of kilowatt.
Solar power is a renewable source of energy and it requires storage since sun is not available in night. Most of the sources of energy causes pollutions, but the solar power is pollution free. It does not release any pollutants while the received sun energy is converted into electrical energy. Along with these merits, solar power generation has also some demerits. Installation of a solar power plant needs a huge capital investment. Solar panels are very costly and they must need in large number in order to produce large amount of electric power. Except of the initial cost the solar energy is economic, that it needs less cost for any maintenance after installation. And solar power plant requires large area of land, where sun source is available.


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