Monday, February 26, 2018

Electrical Engineering Projects 2018

  1. Semiconductor Devices
  2.  Non-Conventional Energy Resources
  3.  Analog and digital circuit design
  4.  RF and Microwave Engineering
  5.  Optical Networks & communication
  6.  Information systems and network security
  7.  Remote sensing and satellite communication
  8.  BioInformatics
  9.  Advanced Power system & control system
  10.  Sensor technology & Virtual Instrumentation
  11.  VLSI technology & Design
  12.  Digital signal processing
  13.  Biomedical Instrumentation
  14.  Embedded Systems and Robotics
  15.  Power Electronics & Electric Drives
  16.  System Modeling & Simulation
  17.  Mechatronics & Avionics
  18.  Optimization techniques
  19.  Soft computing / Nanocomputing/ Grid computing

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