Saturday, December 17, 2016

Electrical Engineering Projects for Students in 2015 to 2016

In our way of life, electrical projects are used in many fields and they need additional power after we compared with alternative projects. The circuits of these projects designed with passive elements like resistors, capacitors, inductors and several a lot of. But several diploma and engineering students don’t know the concept about how they work and which comes might return under this class. For those students here we tend to are providing some projects which will helpful for his or her project work. Several of the engineering graduates showing a ton of interest  in this stream. This article provides the most recent electrical projects for engineering graduates in 2015 to 2016.

Power Electronics Project Titles for 2015 – 2016 Electrical Engineering Students.
  1.     Voltage Support Control Strategies for Static Synchronous Compensators Under Unbalanced Voltage Sags
  2.     Topology and Modulation for a New Multilevel Diode-Clamped Matrix Converter
  3.     The Transformerless Single-Phase Universal Active Power Filter for Harmonic and Reactive Power Compensation
  4.     The Alternate Arm Converter A New Hybrid Multilevel Converter With DC-Fault Blocking Capability
  5.     Study of Fault Current Characteristics of the DFIG Considering Dynamic Response of the RSC
  6.     Solar PV and Battery Storage Integration using a New Configuration of a Three-Level NPC Inverter With Advanced Control Strategy
  7.     Optimal Sizing of UPQC Considering VA Loading and Maximum Utilization of Power-Electronic Converters
  8.     On electrical power evaluation in dq coordinates under sinusoidal unbalanced conditions
  9.     Novel Topologies for Symmetric, Asymmetric, and Cascade Switched-Diode Multilevel Converter With Minimum Number of Power Electronic Components
  10.     New Three-Phase Multilevel Inverter With Reduced Number of Power Electronic Components
  11.     New Modulation Strategy to Balance the Neutral-Point Voltage for Three-Level Neutral-Clamped Inverter Systems
  12.     Neural Network Based Conductance Estimation Control Algorithm for Shunt Compensation
  13.     Modulation, Control and Capacitor Voltage Balancing of Alternate Arm Modular Multilevel Converter With DC Fault Blocking Capability
  14.     Modeling, Control, and Implementation of DC–DC Converters for Variable Frequency Operation
  15.     Modeling and Design of Islanding Detection Using Phase-Locked Loops in ThreePhase Grid-Interface Power Converters
  16.     Improving Power Quality in Cascade Multilevel Converters Based on Single-Phase Nonregenerative Power Cells
  17.     Improved Active Power Filter Performance for Renewable Power Generation Systems
  18.     Implementation of Adaptive Filter in Distribution Static Compensator
  19.     High-Voltage Gain Boost Converter Based on Three-State Commutation Cell for Battery Charging Using PV Panels in a Single Conversion Stage
  20.     High-Performance Fault Diagnosis in PWM Voltage-Source Inverters for VectorControlled Induction Motor Drives
  21.     High-Frequency Operation of a DC/AC/DC System for HVDC Applications
  22.     Flicker Mitigation by Individual Pitch Control of Variable Speed Wind Turbines With DFIG
  23.     Five-Level Diode-Clamped Inverter With Three-Level Boost Converter
  24.     Experimental Indicators of Current Unbalance in Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Systems
  25.     Excitation Synchronous Wind Power Generators With Maximum Power Tracking Scheme

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