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Electrical Engineering Projects for Students in 2015 to 2016

In our daily life, electrical projects are used in many fields and they need more power when we compared with other projects. The circuits of these projects designed with passive components like resistors, capacitors, inductors and many more. But many diploma and engineering students don’t know the idea about how they work and which projects may come under this category. For those students here we are providing some projects which will helpful for their project work. Many of the engineering graduates showing a lot of interest  in this stream. This article gives the latest electrical projects for engineering graduates in 2015 to 2016.

Protection of Load and Charge in Solar Power Management

In this proposed system, a solar panel is used to charge a battery. As a comparator, operational amplifiers are used to monitor the voltage, current of the panels continuously. The LEDs are used to specify the charge conditions of the battery. When the battery is fully charged green LED will blinks as well as when the battery is in under charged condition or overloaded then the red LED will blinks.

Furthermore, this project can be developed by using a GSM modem and a microcontroller. By using these the status of the system can be communicated to control room through an SMS.
Controlling of Home Appliances using Time Delay Switch

This project is intended to control home appliances based on a particular time delay for every load by using a 555 timer to produce switching period intervals  to drive a relay to turn ON/OFF for any load.

A relay which depends on time delay that stays on for a fixed time period of time once triggered. This circuit is built with a simple timer circuit that controls the actual relay. The time is adjusted from zero to few seconds, but the time constant can be increased with 555 timer in monostable mode. The load capacity will be limited by the type of relay used. A lamp is used as a load in this project. The current handling capacity of the load is limited by the kind of relay used. The project is offered with a lamp as a load.
Protection of Over/Under Voltage

This project is intended to design an over or under voltage mechanism to protect the load. The variation in AC mains supply is common in homes, offices and in industries. In this condition, the sensitive loads can get easily damaged.

This project is used to trip the load in the time period of the i/p voltage dropping above or below in a fixed value. As a window comparator, two comparators are used to make one quad comparator. This IC sends an error o/p if the i/p voltage to them crosses the range beyond the voltage window. A relay is then functioned to cut off the load for security reasons.  A lamp is used as a load in this project. It is enhanced by integrating an alarm, when the tripping takes place.

Arduino board based Speed Controlling of a DC Motor

This project is intended to control  the speed of a DC motor using an Arduino board. The speed of the motor is related to the voltage applied across its terminals. Therefore, if the voltage across the DC motor terminal is changed, then the speed can also be changed.

This project uses the working principle of pulse width modulation (PWM). This project consists of two i/p buttons that are interfaced to the Arduino. These buttons are used to regulate the speed of the motor. PWM is generated at the o/p by the microcontroller according to the program

The code of this project is written in the Arduino language. The average current flowing and the voltage given through the DC motor will change based on the duty cycle, so the motor speed will change. A motor-driver IC is connected to the Arduino board for getting pulse width modulation signals and sending preferred o/p for DC motor speed control. In the future, the project can be designed by using IGBTs to get the speed control advanced capacity motors in industries.

Some More Latest Electrical Projects

The list of some more  electrical engg projects are listed below.

    Adjustable Electronic Timer using Star Delta Starter for Low Power Induction Motor
    Controlling of Programmable Switching for Automation in Industries
    Three Phase Induction Motor Speed Control using Microcontroller and V/F Method
    Delay based Automatic Induction Motor with Microocntroller
    PIC Microcontroller based Power Factor Correction
    Zigbee Technology based Low Voltage Protection for Motors with Microcontroller
    GSM Technology based Wireless Energy Meter
    Monitoring and Measurement of PV Panels and Solar Energy
    LPG Gas and Smoke Sensing Robot with Wireless Control
    Solar Powered Auto intensity Control of  LED Street Light


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