Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Future of Electrical Engineering – Trends, Inventions, Innovations

Some Trends in Electrical Engineering Research

Electrical Engineering
Power Engineering
Activated Carbon Injection

Lighting Engineering
Air Conditioning Engineering
HVAC System Load Calculations

Power Engineering
Carbon Capture Technology
Activated Carbon Injection
Circulating Fluidized Bed
Industrial Process Automation
Asset Performance Management

Air Conditioning Engineering
HVAC System Load Calculations

Web Resources

Power Engineering
Impacting The Future of Power Engineering
The Future Power Engineering Workforce
Creating A Sustainable Future By Engineering Alternative Energy Solutions
Nearest Future of Russian Power Engineering
Nikola Tesla and Future of Electric Power Engineering
High Power Engineering: is An Energy Router in You Future?

Air Conditioning Engineering
Co2 and R152a Represent The Best Current Options For Future Mobile Air Conditioning Systems
Trends in Air-Conditioning - Challenges For The Future
Measurement Engineering For Air Conditioning and Ventilation
Boiler Makers Get Glimpse of Future

HVAC System Load Calculations
Hap System Design Load
Hvac System Size: Getting It Right
Climatological Resources To Improve Your Hvac System
Maintain & Troubleshoot Hvac Systems
Design of HVAC Systems

Power Engineering Future, Trends
Clean Power Engineering - Comprehensive Consulting and Engineering Services
The Future Power of Engineering

Heating Engineering Future, Trends
Plumbing - a Career With a Future

Lighting Engineering Future, Trends
New Filtration Technology Keeps Cooling Tower Water Clean
The Most Practical and Useful Information Resources on HVAC and Energy Systems
Springerlink - Journal Article
Improving the Thermal Processing of Foods
Bioprocessing Channel
Improving the Thermal Processing of Foods
Emerging Technology Trends
Trends of Climate Change and Air-Conditioning Load of Residential Buildings in China

Air Conditioning Engineering Future, Trends
A Sustainable Future
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) Certificate
SUNY Canton -Canino School of Engineering Technology - Air Conditioning Engineering Technology
Trends in Air-Conditioning - Challenges for the future

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