Friday, April 13, 2018

Electronics Mini Projects For ECE & EEE

ECE Mini Projects List

  1.     Solar Powered Battery Charging With Reverse Current Protection
  2.     Automated Night Lighting System
  3.     Wireless AC Power Detector Project
  4.     Short Circuit Indicator Project
  5.     Weekly Task Alerting System
  6.     Mini Audio Amplifier Project
  7.     Driver Anti Sleep Device
  8.     12 Volt Battery Charging System
  9.     Clap Based Fan Switching System
  10.     Wireless Doorbell Calling System
  11.     Synchronously Blinking Emergency Light
  12.     Sound Operated Timer Project
  13.     Smart Burglar Alarm
  14.     Plant Moisture Monitoring System
  15.     Wireless Cell Phone Detection System
  16.     Wireless FM Transmitter Mic
  17.     Electronic Watch Dog Project
  18.     Mini FM Transmission System
  19.     Auto Electronic School Bell
  20.     Advanced Wireless Power Transfer System
  21.     Overvoltage And Undervoltage Protection System
  22.     Power Supply With Auto Switching
  23.     Wireless Mobile Charging Project
  24.     Motion Based Auto Door Opener
  25.     Zero Contact TachoMeter (SpeedOMeter)
  26.     Automated Visitor Counter With 7 Segment Display
  27.     Fast Voting Game Project
  28.     Electronic Water Level Controller Device
  29.     E Bicycle Locking System
  30.     Automatic Smoke Detector Alarm
  31.     Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Project
  32.     MC Based Line Follower Robot
  33.     Efficient Power Manager Project
  34.     Street Light Automatic Intensity Controller
  35.     Microcontroller Based 4 Quadrant DC Motor Speed Control
  36.     Car Speed Checker With LCD Display
  37.     AC Power Strength Controller System
  38.     Load Shedding Time Management With Programmable Interface
  39.     Object Counting Using 7 Segment Display
  40.     Solar Panel With Sun Position Tracking
  41.     Ultrasonic Object Detection System
  42.     DTMF Cell Phone Based Door Opener
  43.     BLDC Motor Speed Control Using Fuzzy Logic
  44.     Human Speed Detection Project
  45.     RPM Display For BLDC Motor With Speed Controller
  46.     Charging Industrial Battries Using Thyristor Angle Control
  47.     Remote Vehicle Control Through Cell Phone Using DTMF
  48.     TV Remote Controlled Robotic Vehicle Project
  49.     Auto Lap Time Measurement System
  50.     IR Based Traffic Density Detection And Signal Adjustment Project
  51.     Geo Location Guide Using RF
  52.     Load Control System Using DTMF
  53.     Displaying Moving Message On Notice Board Using PC
  54.     IR Based Obstacle Detection Project
  55.     Testing Life Cycle Of Electrical Loads Using Down Counter
  56.     Configurable Password Security System
  57.     Rain Sensing Automatic Car Wiper
  58.     Home And Industrial Safety Using Fire And Gas Detection System

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