Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Job Of An Electrical Engineer

The job of an electrical engineer has a lot of responsibility attached to it. All electrical jobs will require the electrician to make sure that all electrical appliances are running in a proper way. Basically the job will require the electrician to perform installation of appliances, re wiring, fittings and testing. All of the activities mentioned can be performed almost anywhere from public buildings, homes to office buildings. 

Electrical jobs are basically performed to make sure all the circuits and wires are in perfect condition and working. If it is found that the wirings or circuits are not in order then the electrician will have to perform repair jobs. An electrician is usually very well equipped to take on electrical jobs like these.

An electrical engineer is usually very well paid and they have the potential to make good progress in life. So if you want to take this up as a profession you can do so without any hesitation but there are certain things that you will have to keep in mind. You will have to undergo extensive training and then you have to start working as an assistant to gain work experience. To move up the ladder in this profession you will need to be very hard working and dedicated towards your job. After working under a company for a couple of years you can then strike out alone and become self employed.

Educational requirements

To become a qualified electrical engineer you have to possess a 3rd level NVQ in technical services and you can earn this either from ETMA Limited or City and guild. For candidates who really want to take this up as a profession should immediately gather work experience by being an assistant this will help them in their NVQ studies and the grades should be within A and C.

To become an apprentice a candidate has to have GCSE in Science, English and Maths and the grades should be within A and C. Now if your grades are not that good then you will have to appear for a test that will check your aptitude. If you pass this test you know that you are eligible for the course. For someone who is just out of school becoming an assistant can be helpful as it will help him or her to earn some money while gaining valuable knowledge at the same time. If the candidate is not out if school then a candidate will be required to show some work experience in order to qualify for an NVQ course. Performing electrical engineering jobs will require the candidate to have a lot of self confidence to use the tools to deal with any situation. An electrical engineer simply cannot rely on bookish knowledge, to perform in this profession they have to be mentally alert to face some of the toughest and unusual situations in their career. So by now you have an idea how demanding the job of an electrical engineer can be and that it is no childs play.

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