Saturday, July 21, 2012

All Categories Of Copper Wires

One of the major requirements in the electrical wiring systems is high electrical conductivity. Copper exhibits excellent conducting properties and thus, it is used for manufacturing electrical wires and cables. Copper Wires find various applications in power transmission, power distribution and telecommunications. Copper can be alloyed with other metals for improved properties. Some of the beneficial characteristics of copper wires can be listed as follows:

High Electrical conductivity
High Tensile strength
Creep resistance
Corrosion resistance
Low Coefficient of thermal expansion
Thermal conductivity

Copper wires are available in various grades and specifications. They can be broadly classified into following categories.

Tinsel wire

Tinsel wire is required for maximum mechanical flexibility. It is generally used in telecom wires, tweeter coils, handset cord of telephones, etc.

Tin copper wire

Tin copper wire is commonly used in heaters, cables, industrial machines and other high temperature and other sort of machines.

Armoured cables

Armoured cable is basically used for power distribution. Its basically a power cable and used in underground power system.

PCV wire

PCV wires or polyvinyl chloride are very tough electrical wire designed to tolerate high voltage currents. With the use of copper in PCV wires it can bear more than 1000 volts of current.

Stranded Copper wires

Stranded wires are designed to compensate for expansion and vibration of electronic equipments. Wire structure gives stranded wire more flexibility and strength.

Twisted Pair Copper Cables

Twisted Pair Copper Cables comprise of two conductors that are twisted together to eliminate any electromagnetic interference. This unique design prevents signal loss and proves to be handy in telecommunications.

Coaxial Copper Cables

Coaxial Copper Cables consist of concentric wires that are wrapped together with a dielectric separation between them. They are used to reduce low-frequency magnetic transmission.

XLPE cables

Commonly known as Cross linked polyethylene, PEX or XLPE, these are armored power cables with copper conductor.

Copper wires are demanded for a variety of uses. Copper is attributed with high tensile strength, superior electrical conductivity, ductility, mechanical flexibility, durability, etc and as such is an ideal material for power transmission.

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