Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why Choose Electric Pressure Washers

Commercial and industrial users alike often face a variety of indoor pressure washing applications. After all, the facilities in which these users work and operate must be cleaned. However, many pressure washers on the market are not ideal for indoor applications.

Gas pressure washers afford users immense power and mobility as a result of a robust gasoline engine capable of being operated far from an electrical supply. However, gas pressure washers are also incredibly noisy and produce exhaust. This noise and air pollution makes pressure washing machines powered by gas not well suited for the indoor environment.

A much quieter and safer alternative is pressure washing equipment powered by electricity. These machines can generate the same cold water, hot water, or steam heating options and high pressure levels and flow rates as gas powered units without the added noise. In fact, electric pressure washers can even be used in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and more for a wide variety of pressure washing tasks. In many cases, in facilities where the level of noise must be considered, these tasks would remain incomplete if gas powered systems were the only option.

Electric powered, industrial pressure washers offer an additional benefit – they produce no harmful exhaust. They can be used inside virtually any commercial or industrial facility without harming the indoor air quality or endangering the health of users, employees, or customers.

Even though these electric machines are less noisy and produce no exhaust, they still pack quite a punch when it comes to getting the pressure washing job done. Like all pressure washing equipment, temperature options available with these units include cold water, hot water, and steam. Cold water pressure washers are ideal for lighter applications, but prove to be inefficient for heavier degreasing applications.

For more challenging tasks, heated pressure washers are required. Hot water models are capable of reaching up to 210°F to dissolve substances and render them easy to blast away with the highly pressurized water. Steam pressure washers offer even greater power, capable of reaching temperatures up to 330°F. These machines sanitize and disinfect while cleaning to greatly speed up the process. This results in the cleanest environment for virtually any commercial or industrial application.

Indoor operators of pressure washers aren’t limited when it comes to features either. Wet sandblaster pressure washers can be purchased in electric configurations for the removal of rust, corrosion, and other heavy deposits on metal surfaces indoors. Machines can also be purchased with an additional acid-feed or phosphatizing feature to pre-treat metal surfaces before the user applies paint primer or powder coating.

When comparing models, make sure to shop at a supplier offering a wide variety of choices to ensure you find the right machine to suit your needs, no matter what the application.


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